Mystic Chords Of Memory

Sunday, June 13, 2010

You broke my mouth, the bloody bits are spittin' out

Kings Of Leon - Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Venue Unknown; Manchester, TN [6.11.10] (incomplete)
Webcast Recording

01 - Crawl
02 - Taper Jean Girl
03 - My Party *
04 - Be Somebody *
05 - Immortals *
06 - Molly's Chambers *
07 - Fans
08 - Milk *
09 - Closer *
10 - Mary *
11 - Wasted Time
12 - Four Kicks
13 - The Bucket
14 - Radioactive *
15 - Charmer
16 - Where is my Mind? *
17 - Sex on Fire
18 - Notion
19 - On Call
20 - Southbound *
21 - Trani*
22 - Knocked Up *
23 - Manhattan *
24 - Use Somebody *

* = Not Broadcast


  1. Hello Sir, I linked to your blog a few months back, having borrowed two tracks from your Costello/Bacharach post to attempt to compile a more complete version of the concert. Come by and check it out, and my other stuff, if you'd like:

    Meanwhile, I wonder if it might be possible to get a re-up of the TV Broadcast version of the R'n'R HOF concert from 10/29? The one from the 30th is still up but not the 29th.


  2. Thanks for linking to the blog and the compliment (not enough people use the word 'swell' anymore). I dig what you've got going on at The Rare Stuff. If I ever get around to updating the blog and posting shows I'll make sure to add a link to your blog.

    And now for the bad news ... once a show's been pulled (by management, the band, lawyers, etc.) I don't re-up it for any reason. I figure someone doesn't want it shared and I try to abide by those wishes (and I've spent too much time in the past to re-up shows that get pulled again, it's just not worth it). I hope you're able to find it somewhere else out there, I'm sure it's floating around many other blogs, forums, trackers, etc.

    Thanks again, keep up the great work!