Mystic Chords Of Memory

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hold out your hand, say please

Monsters Of Folk - Say Please [9.22.09 - the tonight show with conan o'brien]
Television Broadcast

Monsters Of Folk - Morning Becomes Eclectic, Village Recording Studios; Los Angeles, CA [9.x.09]
Radio Broadcast

01 – A Man Named Truth
02 – Interview
03 – Losin Yo Head
04 – Outro

Monsters Of Folk - KEXP Studios; Seattle, WA [10.15.09]
Radio Broadcast

01 - The Sandman, The Brakeman, And Me
02 - Interview
03 - Map Of The World
04 - Interview
05 - Losin Yo Head
06 - Outro


  1. abe, i want you to know that i'm happy for you that you got to go tonight. i am at home with bronchitis and had to sell my tickets for half of what i paid for them. lemme know how the show was.


  2. Download limit exceeded on all of them, could you get them back up? They all seem excellent!

  3. I just checked them all Jason, everything seems cool. Maybe just give it another try, I know Megaupload can get overloaded if a lot of people try to download it at once.

    Hope you're feeling better Lee, I had bronchitis earlier this year, it's a bitch. I hate telling you this but the show was incredible. As the curtain opened they were playing "Say Please" and didn't stop for almost 3 hours! Everyone got their own solo time on stage too. I'm hoping someone recorded the show (or any of them) because it's a very cool lineup. I'm not a Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst fan, but I even dug his stuff. The songs he played w/Mike Mogis were pretty f'n incredible. "Smokin From Shootin" might have been my highlight of the night though. Oberst sang one of the verses, M. Ward was on keyboards, and Jim was howling away! Take care of yourself, good hearing from you. Are you going to Bridge School this weekend?

  4. abe, glad to hear that the show was so awesome. though i am super bummed that i missed it, i am glad you enjoyed it.

    i am going to the bridge school. if i see you there in your top hat and beard i will definitely buy you a beer as a thanks for all the great music you've shared.

    take care.


  5. hey abe, are you on facebook btw?


  6. I stay away from all the Myfacebookspace stuff & I don't even understand what Twitter's for. I post the links from MCOM on a few live music forums, but that's about it.