Mystic Chords Of Memory

Monday, July 13, 2009

Why is the Earth moving around the Sun?

Robin Pecknold - Neumo's; Seattle, WA [7.11.09]
Audience Recording

01 – Intro
02 – Katie Cruel
03 – False Knight On The Road
04 – Silver Dagger
05 – He Doesn’t Know Why
06 – Oliver James
07 – Two Headed Boy
08 – Albatross
09 – Oh Sister
10 – Early In The Morning
11 – The Book Of Love
12 – Icicle Tusk
13 – Mykonos
14 – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
15 – Blue Spotted Tail
16 – White Winter Hymnal
17 – Dreams


  1. Fuck, when did you get this blog up again? I had the old address, but it got closed because of the Metallica deal, right?

  2. Started back up in year, new blog. I had problems w/a few bands, and Metallica was one of them, but I never received any kind of notification from them or Blogger regarding their material. Posts by Metallica & Weezer would just disappear, but I did receive notices about Cold War Kids (whose lawyer I talked to and said it was none of their doing, most likely the record label's) and Norah Jones (my first post on the blog back in April of last year). So I'm doing my best to only post recording from bands & musiciasn that allow their live recordings to be shared. Glad to see you back, you've got some catching up to do. Happy downloading!