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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I want the girl, but not what she's going through

Chris Cornell - Center Stage; Atlanta, GA [4.1.09]
Radio Broadcast

01 – Part Of Me
02 – Time
03 – Light My Way
04 – You Know My Name
05 – Spoonman / Good Times Bad Times
06 – Hunger Strike
07 – Set It Off
08 – Show Me How To Live
09 – Be Yourself
10 – Ground Zero
11 – Never Far Away
12 – Outshined
13 – Rusty Cage
14 – Preaching The End Of The World
15 – Finally Forever
16 – Can’t Change Me
17 – Overfloater
18 – Fell On Black Days
19 – Like A Stone
20 – Cochise
21 – Watch Out
22 – Burden In My Hand
23 – Scream
24 – Enemy
25 – Jesus Christ Pose
26 – Immigrant Song
27 – Like Suicide
28 – Black Hole Sun


Texan fan Rory de la Rosa lost his six-year-old daughter Ainslee to cancer last year. Shortly afterwards, he himself was diagnosed with the same illness. But Rory didn't fall into despair. He wanted "to tell Chris Cornell how much his music impacted his life and of the bond it helped create for him and his daughter," says Karen, a carer at Rory's hospice. Together, they succeeded in getting a message to Chris via the internet.

Chris was touched by the story and wrote back - eventually resulting in a unique creative collaboration. Rory had written a poem about his daughter's tragedy. Moved by the words, Chris suggested they turn the poem into a song. "It was a pleasure to put it to music and an honor," he says. Now you can download "I Promise It's Not Goodbye" at In return, Chris hopes you will make a donation in memory of Ainslee and help ease the financial burden of disease. All money raised will go direct to Rory's family to help pay medical bills.

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